Monday, November 23, 2009

i do believe

hi, sorry its kinda late so here we go:

Jen- i really enjoyed your butterfly piece, my favorite part was when the light created new forms with the shadows and the interaction between the indivdual pieces. so i know we were talking the other day about your next piece and about how you wanted to create a different kind of coral-y environment. you should check this out: i kinda stole it from Robin but its still really interesting and relevant.

Dani- i really loved your paper/book explosion/sculpture and i found this really cool artist who works with paper and demension. that might be int
eresting to think about and check out.

Ben- i know you've been working on making some wearable art and i think you should check out Mandy Greer she's an artist who likes to make wearable art out of crochet and then uses the customs to make movies/ performance pieces.

i've been reading fiber arts again and was really getting e
xcited about Janet Echelman's work, she uses polyester twine to create HUGE outdoor sculptures. its really awesome because i always want my art bigger and she did it! which is really great.

also there was a really cool article about lace in translation a 'rarely seen lace collection in philadelphia inspired a handful of acclaimed artists". i find lace really fascinating in itself because of all the detail and intimacy associated with it and these artist have created very public venues that have lace-work involved. Demakersvan made a fence of lace:

pretty fierce!

lastly i've been wondering about how my work is working together, i kinda feel like its at odds sometimes and thats ok but odd. first i did the cocoons and then i made my guns and now i'm continuing a project from two semesters ago about an uncomfortable form and a comfy material. weird, i guess i'm just scatter-brained but i seem to always come back to covering and protecting... i know thats important some how but i haven't figured it out completely.

any insight is great! thanks

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