Thursday, October 29, 2009


we're well into our second project now and i'm still learning patients. i'm in the process of knitting gun cozies for our beloved soldiers and its much more time consuming then i anticipated. needless to say its coming along well but slowly. when working in the studio i've been thinking alot about our soldiers obviously but also about their families and how they're 'in the army' too but no one really thinks much of it. im still really conflicted about the whole thing because i dont like war but i feel its important to protect our country and our way of life, i just wish people didnt have to die to do it. so this project is really about trying to protect our soldiers but being helpless in doing so because i dont have that skill set and more importantly they dont want to be protected, they're the protectors.

next i plan on continuing my knit snake-like form and presenting it at the end of the semester. i'm really excited because i've been working on this since last fall just in my spare time.

fiber arts is by far my favorite magazine and i read it cover to cover. the most recent issue has a great article about Louise Saxton: Fantasias of Form. her work in this article consists of really intricate reclaimed embroidery and lace forms that are pieced together to create bigger forms by pins. i love the concept of a bunch of small things built up or put together to make a larger different form, like the motorcycle shadow piece.

my favorite recipe is pillsbery ready to bake chocolate chip cookies! buy package, preheat oven, bake for 10-12 mins, cool for 1 min. and ENJOY!

Monday, October 12, 2009


so do it yourself... my next project is going to be about my response to my boyfriend joining the army and my need to shelter someone who i'm not allowed to or able to protect.

so my little how to show is about knitting: as you may know i love to knit and i've started using knitting as a new/useful tool i've incorporate into my artwork. so here's a really sweet video from youtube on how to knit: []

also [] is a great website with photos and great explanations on how to cast on, knit and bind off.

also just for fun.. well brent think its fun: in the army you learn
how to take your rifle apart to clean it and then put it back together. so for another new skill you can learn is how to field strip an M16 (standard issue american army rifle) at: [] normally these are timed exercises, which i guess could be fun if you're fast.

so i've been checking out some embroidery artists like Isabella Rengifo, i'm really fasinated about how this craft has become a new way to draw or paint for her.

also i've been looking at Jennifer Cecere, who is very into doilies, which is really curious. also her work plays with scale making me think about all its potential. The oddity of having a huge decorative object not in its usual setting is just wonderful.. and very curious.

also i didnt get a chance to write about the work we didnt discuss at critic:
ashley: sooo beautiful! loved how home-y and hand made it felt. also i know it didnt turn out as you expected but i think its still great. i love the beading so maybe add more next time, because my favorite part is when it starts to become a little more 3D.

lauren: i really like multiples, something about repetition is just really soothing. i'm not sold about the presentation though... maybe on the wall or suspended?

abby: EWWW... its was creepy and icky but intriguingly small.. i did find the green a little distracting because it was so bright it made me think halloween instead of stomach guts.. but still really weird and interesting. i didnt like it but i found myself coming back to look again.

elise: weirdness... where's the rest of the body?? i like the idea of using other materials like the plastic-y stuff around the ribs but this particular type is confussing to me, maybe because its orange or has stuff in it... not sure. but pretty creepy

pam: cool glazes and a nice variety of sizes. everyone knows how skilled you are at pottery so show us something crazy! use the wheel to create less conventional shapes and forms.

tis all for now

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

just a little family

Kinda sad we didn't have time to get to my piece in critic today but i'm still really excited and happy with my piece! when people get a chance i'd appreciate any comments.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

crazy quilt-y


grandma-craziness meets curtainy breezy wonderful-ness