Tuesday, October 6, 2009

just a little family

Kinda sad we didn't have time to get to my piece in critic today but i'm still really excited and happy with my piece! when people get a chance i'd appreciate any comments.


  1. I put up all my thoughts on crit on my blog, and i did get to yours! so if you anted what I got from it, it's available :D

  2. This piece was so much like cocoons, begging to be touched. This piece is a very light, fun experience. Like little cloud pills-take one and you'll feel light as a feather! The concept escapes me, I wish I had an explanation to go with the piece.

  3. Alex, I love how you have anthropomorphized your clay vessels (family). Its interesting how we can invest so much emotion into objects and draw correlations and connections from our own mortal existence. There is something extremely warm, and inviting about this piece- i think it comes from the tactile nature of the materials you used. One of the first things i did when I encountered your "family" was to touch them... indeed they were soft however they were also cold and after the initial touch a little hard. There is something tragically beautiful in this experience, and i think for me what also come from it is the fact that these are empty vessels. I couldn't help but think of a "loss" or a feeling of losing something/one.

    we/they have the ability to hold so much within our/themselves. we/they are vessels filled with air... however i wonder what was in these/our vessels or what potentially could be held in our/their vessel.

    this maybe be some random rambling- though I think this was an extremely success piece because of your ability to engage a viewer (myself) in thought/conversation/dialogue

    you rock girl! =) excited to see more!!!

  4. Cocoons for sure, that I definetilly got from this piece. I would say the only thing that felt missing where the creatures that used to be inside this, or maybe just addressing the interior a little more. Also varying their height when displayed, just so they dont sit in the same plane and give a little more dinamic composition all together.
    PS: sorry for being so late and all