Thursday, October 29, 2009


we're well into our second project now and i'm still learning patients. i'm in the process of knitting gun cozies for our beloved soldiers and its much more time consuming then i anticipated. needless to say its coming along well but slowly. when working in the studio i've been thinking alot about our soldiers obviously but also about their families and how they're 'in the army' too but no one really thinks much of it. im still really conflicted about the whole thing because i dont like war but i feel its important to protect our country and our way of life, i just wish people didnt have to die to do it. so this project is really about trying to protect our soldiers but being helpless in doing so because i dont have that skill set and more importantly they dont want to be protected, they're the protectors.

next i plan on continuing my knit snake-like form and presenting it at the end of the semester. i'm really excited because i've been working on this since last fall just in my spare time.

fiber arts is by far my favorite magazine and i read it cover to cover. the most recent issue has a great article about Louise Saxton: Fantasias of Form. her work in this article consists of really intricate reclaimed embroidery and lace forms that are pieced together to create bigger forms by pins. i love the concept of a bunch of small things built up or put together to make a larger different form, like the motorcycle shadow piece.

my favorite recipe is pillsbery ready to bake chocolate chip cookies! buy package, preheat oven, bake for 10-12 mins, cool for 1 min. and ENJOY!

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