Sunday, September 12, 2010

"what is it"

yay senior studio!

well this summer i've been working on knitted chains, i feel like
i hold myself back a lot in social situations and after struggling to get along with my parents i feel chains are the perfect analogy/process to help work it
out. it feels pretty perfect knitting to help relieve anxiety while creating things that could and do tie me up in life. also this summer i helped drive my friend's car back from AZ and it was a great experience to see different landscapes and imagine art in different locations. i came across this
awesome website that anyone can contribute to about knitting in nature:
also i found this great little french artist who makes toys and food out of yarn, so adorable:

and as always i have been thinking about the beach... and the water. i'm very intrigued by the fleeting moment and then the repetition that seems the same but always slightly different about the ocean. so that lead me to thinking about coral and natural forms that live with this motion. so this semester i plan to use the wheel as a tool and create an organic form that is like feathers/spikes.. a form that supports the idea of many small points holdi
ng up something heavier.

and this is some sweet knitted sushi... no big

eat on!

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